The First Data Platform For Digital Environmental Assets

As the Moody's for sustainable digitized assets, we are building the first rating and analysis platform that offers a trusted, one-stop solution for investors and companies

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Our Vision

Particula aims to revolutionize the way capital is allocated to sustainable digitized assets. With our holistic, automatically generated rating framework, we are going to be the first point of information for investors who want to make informed decisions about sustainable investments in the digital space.


Empowering Sustainable, Data-Driven Decisions

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As Particula, we offer the first holistic database for digital environmental assets. In addition, we provide comparability between assets of the same category, enabling you to make better data-driven decisions and find an appropriate solution for your requirements.


Experience Next-gen Sustainability Ratings

We are now in the process of evolving our manual rating for digitized carbon into a holistic, automatically generated rating framework that can be applied to any digitized, sustainable asset imaginable. By using cutting-edge AI-tools like sentiment analysis, environmental risk analysis and price prediction we help you to make well-informed decisions.


Fulfill All Your Reporting Requirements

The challenges for investing in sustainable assets are extensive. With our analyses and reports, we provide you with comprehensive solutions in terms of compliance, accounting and regulatory reporting.

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Save Time & Cost

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Product Progress

We are currently developing the Beta version of our database. It includes digitized carbon credits as well as other digital environmental assets from multiple issuers with a variety of underlying projects.


Integrated Projects

Our Beta version includes digitized assets from well-known providers such as Toucan, Moss, Flowcarbon, Nori, Thallo, GreenTrade, CarbonStack, BetaCarbon, Callirius, and many more.


Classification Dimensions

In order for Beta to reach a qualitative depth, we have classified these digitized assets in over 300 different dimensions. You can search and filter projects according to your preferences and needs, compare them based on our quality ratings, and access various analysis tools.

Our Team

We combine competencies from various areas such as operations, corporate communications, business development, finance, regulation, accounting and consulting.

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Our Ecosystem

We bring Comparability & Transparency into the Market for Digital Environmental Assets.

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